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Colette offers Group Pilates Sessions for men and women at a range of levels, both mornings and evenings. Group classes are friendly and supportive in groups of 8-12 for maximum levels of individual feedback. Some of the classes offered include specific focus groups, such as Backcare Pilates and Post-natal Pilates.


Also available are 1:1 and 2:1 private classes, small group Private classes, with friends or family, and occasional workshops on specific aspects of the method and application of Pilates. 1:1 classes are an excellent way to accelerate and boost your progress and can therefore also prove very cost-effective.


The structure of a typical class would be a standing warm up, sometimes including wall exercises, followed by a Matwork Floor Section and finishing with some standing exercises. Small equipment such as, bands, rollers, balls and small weights are often used.


Suitable clothing to attend a class would be something comfortable and stretchy: no belts, buckles or jeans or anything which can restrict movement.


Pilates needs to be practised over a period of time and to give yourself the best opportunity for success in reaching your goals with good levels of progress, it is advisable to practise regularly in half termly blocks.



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