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Colette trained as a dancer at The London Studio Centre, where Classical Pilates and Pilates body conditioning, formed part of the daily repertoire alongside a broad range of dance genres including, classical ballet, contemporary dance and a range of jazz and theatre dance styles. She was tutored by a number of amazing West End performers as well as Anya Evans, former principal ballerina of the New York City Ballet and Lloyd Newson of Extemporary Dance Theatre and DV8. She studied Pilates with Conchita Consuela and after graduating, spent a further year training with Alan Herdman. She taught body awareness, body conditioning and choreography to students at the Dance Foundation Course at Lambeth College, and jazz dance at University College London. She also taught and performed in Spain. On returning to London she studied Optimum Nutrition with Patrick Holford and later gained a PGCE at King Alfred's College, Winchester. Later, following childbirth, she naturally turned back to Pilates to help her rehabilitate, and updated her Pilates teacher training with Body Control Pilates. 


Colette now runs Pilates Evolution & Movement classes in Dorset and Wiltshire based out of Shaftesbury.

About My Experience and My Passion for Pilates, Movement and Dance

I came to a professional dance training relatively late in life and when I first discovered Pilates I quickly realised it's potential to accelerate my training and development. I am convinced of it's role in keeping me injury free throughout my dance career as after hours of training, Pilates could restore my energy and revitalise my tired muscles.


I began with my love of dance for its expressive potential. Dance is a Performance Art but I've always been aware that it is also a Movement Science, and I've always been conscious of the power and Potential of Movement to improve health and wellbeing. The physical and biomechanical laws of movement are experienced directly in the body by immersing and engaging fully in the process of movement: feeling the laws of movement against gravity within one's own body brings an uplifting sense of wellbeing. Whether consciously or unconsciously, when we take part in physical activity such as dance or sport, we engage directly in the natural laws of movement, we become more connected and embodied. The Pilates Method helps prepare and restore the body, it provides an alphabet with which we can access the language of movement.


In my own life I've experienced both ends of the spectrum of health and Fitness. In my early 30's I looked and felt far younger than my chronological age. Challenges to my own health came during the periods of time when I moved away from a lifestyle of healthy exercise which is why I've always gravitated back to Pilates, Movement and Dance.


The Pilates Method has made a significant impact upon the direction of the exercise industry as a whole, helping to raise standards across the board, establishing a greater appreciation and understanding for the value of research into the practical application of movement for the health of the individual and the whole community. So the Pilates Method and the exercise industry have evolved and continue to evolve. I am equally conscious of the future role such conscious movement methods will play in how we ourselves evolve as living moving beings. When originally pioneered by Pilates his method was used within specialist circles, amongst athletes and dancers, but now quality training is accesible to everyone, just as Pilates himself had wanted. 


One of my mottos is that 'Improved Quality of movement Brings Improved Quality of Life'. We can significantly change and improve our health and wellbeing by fully engaging in the process of movement! It's not just what we do but how we do it which makes the difference.


My aim now is to provide high quality exercise and movement experiences to people of all ages and backgrounds and to continue to discover more about the art and science of Pilates, Movement and Dance.

Colette Sykes
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