Pilates for Performance

Good Preparation is essential 


Whether you are an amateur or professional, Pilates prepares the body for the demands of performance in a way which reduces the risk of injury and increases the performance longevity of the athlete. Many sportsmen and women, dancers and gymnasts discover Pilates for the first time after an injury. Where it is used as part of the preparation of the performer, injury can be avoided. 


The Benefits for Sports People


Pilates can help you increase your power and optimise your performance at the same time as minimising risk of injury. By developing your Body Awareness you will be training in optimal postural alignment, not just in static postures but in dymamic postures also. The body becomes more efficient and precise at directing and channelling the forces in your actions. Injury is also reduced by helping to retain the fullest and most balanced range of movement in the joints and muscles. Many sports, such as racquet sports, have a one-sided nature, these imbalances can be addressed to ensure they don't become ingrained making you more injury prone.


The Benefits for Dancers


The dancer needs to be deeply rooted to their own centre so that they can move through an infinte range of movement possibilities as naturally as possible. The supreme grace, poise, balance and control of the dancer is achieved when the connection to the core is strong and reactive. Pilates can support the dancer in achieving this streamlined musculature with deep core abdominal strength, symultaneously reducing strain on the back. The dancers' body tends to be more flexible than average, so taking longer to build strength and support across the joints. Pilates can accelerate this development and hone in on specific areas with low impact resistance exercises strengthening deep postural muscles and being a perfect antidote to high impact dance activities for injury prevention and rehabilitaion.

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