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Terms & Conditions

  1. Your teacher/s have professional status and hold current relevant public liability insurance.

  2. In order to take up a place in Class on a course the Client agrees to pay the Course Fee as set out in the Course Schedule at least 2 weeks prior to the commencement of the first class of the course. (Payment for the next Course is due at the last class of the current course.) By paying the Course Fee, the Client agrees to the Terms and Conditions set out in this document.

  3. The Client agrees to complete a Pilates Enrolment Form, providing personal details and relevant medical background before participating in a Pilates Class.

  4. The Client understands and acknowledges that, if for any reason, they are not able to attend their class, no refund will be due.

  5. The Client agrees to inform the Teacher as soon as possible if they are not able to attend a class. For Private sessions a minimum of 48 hours is required.

  6. The Client agrees to inform the Teacher of any change of personal contact details.

  7. The Client agrees to inform the Teacher of any changes to their health, including physical well-being and pregnancy.

  8. The Client understands that, unless they have paid in advance for a future Course, they do not have a reserved place in that class.

  9. In return for the Course fee payment, the Teacher agrees to teach the number of Classes as set out in the Class Schedule.

  10. The Teacher offers a 'Catch-Up Class' system where a Client who has missed a class can attend another class on the Course Schedule, providing there is a space available). The Client must ask the Teacher's permission to attend another class. Clients must have paid a current Course Fee to qualify.

  11. The Teacher will provide details of the next Course of Pilates Classes at the penultimate class of the current course whenever possible in order that the Client can decide whether or not they wish to keep their place in the Class.

  12. The Teacher will keep all Client information confidentially and securely.

  13. In the event of a forced cancellation of a class by the Teacher (for example, venue problem, weather conditions, illness etc.), the Teacher will make every effort to inform the Client as soon as possible before the class and the class may be carried over, rescheduled, or reimbursed.

  14. The Teacher agrees to abide by the Body Control Pilates Association Code of Practice and will make every effort to adhere to a maximum class size of 12.

  15. The Teacher reserves the right to substitute the class venue and provide a deputy Teacher if circumstances dictate.

  16. The Teacher reserves the right to decline to teach the Client should they be for any reason unsuitable for the class. In this instance only, the Teacher will refund the Client for any unused classes.

  17. Covid 19: In the Studio all legal hygiene protocols will be followed to keep you safe. We expect clients also to comply to these standards.

  18. Covid 19: In the case of an enforced lockdown classes will automatically revert to online zoom classes, fees being non refundable.

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